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Discover how Jazzedge Core

makes learning the piano easy.

With simple to follow lessons, Jazzedge Core™ will get you bopping around the piano in no time...even if you're just getting started.

Try it today – free for 30 days.

(read the FAQ's at the bottom of this page for more details)

Jazzedge Core Highlights

Jazzedge Core is broken down into 6 courses which give both beginner and advanced students a path to follow in their quest to become better pianists. The free trial on this site gives you access to 11+ hours of absolutely free lessons for 30-days.

30-Day Piano Playbook

This course is the best place to begin if you are new to Jazzedge. Lessons 1-19 are perfect for beginners while lessons 20-30 are more advanced.

Total video content: 3 hours, 35 minutes.

Piano Essentials™

Learn your scales, triads and seventh chords in all 12 keys along with proper fingering, theory and technique.

Total video content: 1 hour, 10 minutes.

Chord Essentials™

Ten short progressions in all 12 keys teach you new rhythms, how to play in different styles and create grooves all with fun backing tracks.

Total video content: 1 hour, 44 minutes.

Piano Accompaniment Essentials™

Stop wandering around at the piano and learn once and for all the patterns you need to sound more professional while backing yourself or others at the piano.

Total video content: Coming June 2021.

The Confident Improviser™

Based on years of research, TCI shows everyone (even absolute beginners) how to improvise at the piano through fun exercises with backing tracks.

Total video content: 1 hour, 10 minutes.

Standards by the Dozen™

Learn how to play standards from a fakebook using a 6-step process. Perfect if you want to play solo piano or in a group setting. 

Total video content: 3 hours, 54 minutes.


Is this program really free?

Yes! You get free access for 30 days. There is no purchase necessary and nothing to cancel. All that is required is an email address to get started.

What is Jazzedge Core™?

Jazzedge Core is a set of 6 Jazzedge courses that have been designed to get you started quickly at the piano. The emphasis is on jazz piano, but the material can be used for any style of music. Jazzedge Core makes it easy to know exactly what you need to practice each time you log in as a member of Jazzedge or No Bull Piano.

The Jazzedge Core lessons on this site gives you a great overview of what you'll find at Jazzedge. Note however, the lessons on this site are a VERY small set of lessons compared to the breadth of material you'll find with a full membership to Jazzedge.

Am I going to be billed for this?

No! In fact we don't even ask for credit card information so there is no way you will be billed for this free 30-day membership.

What if I need more than 30 days?

You can become a Jazzedge member and you get full access to all Jazzedge Core courses in addition to hundreds of hours of incredible piano lessons in a variety of styles.

What level do I need to be to use Jazzedge Core?

Jazzedge Core is designed for all levels. Some content will be easy for some while challenging for others. However, the content has been carefully crafted to take you through a piano practice journey. It will take practice, but if you follow the lessons you WILL find success!

What do I get access to with this free membership?

You'll get 24/7 access to hours and hours of video-based lessons which you can learn on your own schedule. You'll also be able to download a lot of sheet music and backing tracks to make practice more fun.

Is this the full course?

No. This 30-day trial site gives you access to about 11 hours of Jazzedge Core content that will get you started. If you decide you want to continue, just become a full Jazzedge member and you'll get complete access to Jazzedge Core and hundreds of hours of other lessons.

I'm already a Jazzedge member, do I need this?

No. As a Jazzedge member, just login to your piano account and Jazzedge Core is right on your dashboard...plus a whole lot of other lessons too!

Why is this free?

Well, my hope is that you'll see how great these lessons are and decide to upgrade to a full Jazzedge membership. However, that choice is yours and becoming a full member is not a requirement to enjoy these free lessons.

What if I need help?

As a full Jazzedge member you can enjoy coaching every week where you can ask me questions, get feedback on your playing, practice suggestions and meet other students. As a free member of this site, you are welcome to join me every Wednesday to ask music-related questions live, but I reserve feedback for my paying students.

Do I need any special equipment?

No. In fact you don't even need a piano or keyboard to get started. Any piano or keyboard instrument will do just fine.